How much does it cost to take part?

For now it’s free.  Similar running tours in the UK and abroad typically cost around £20-£30 per person. 

What if I want to give you some money?

When you’re running through the streets of Manchester you will see people less fortunate than yourself living and sleeping on the streets.  If you’d like to give anything please make a donation to help provide someone a bed for the night via this link. 

Do I need to sign a disclaimer?

Yes, before the start of the run you will be required to sign a standard Run England disclaimer form.  The tours take place near traffic and pedestrians, on sometimes uneven streets, and involve physical activity. You must therefore certify that you accept all of the possible risks involved and will not hold us liable for any eventuality.

Are you a professional tour guide?

While every aspect of the tour has been researched thoroughly using multiple sources I am very much an enthusiastic amateur rather than a professional tour guide or historian.  Manchester has many professional / blue badge / green badge tour guides who are far more expert than me. You can find out more and book a tour with one of them here – visitmanchester.com

Will I be able to keep up?

While I aim to make the tours as accessible as possible it would be best if you can run 5k in less than 30 minutes or 10k in less than 65 minutes. It isn’t a race and there are regular stops on the tour.  If you have any concerns please let me know.

Can I bring the kids?

Over 18s only please

Will the event still be on if it rains?

It will. It’s Manchester – if we cancelled things due to rain we’d never get anything done!

Why are you doing this?

I wanted to do something worthwhile with my spare time – hopefully this gives people the chance to learn something, stay healthy, have fun and help support a local charity. 

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